Cases – Our work

Our work involves helping families in the United Kingdom and Panjab dealing with domestic violence, caste, child and animal abuse as well as being involved in environmental and humanitarian projects.

Supporting Panjabi/Indian families to bring back their relatives who passed away whilst abroad
(Ongoing 2023-2024)

Upon request and permission from families, we liaise with Indian authorities located in the country where the Panjabi/Indian citizen sadly passed away, to ensure they act swiftly with local law to help bring back the deceased body to the family.

Helping with Anand Karaj costs for poor families
(Ongoing 2023-2024)

We have helped families living in poverty who are not able to pay for their daughters’ weddings. From Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid, we have helped arrange Anand Karaj Wedding Ceremonies to help families who are struggling with the costs.

Repairing Guru Nanak Mission Netarheen Birdh Ashram, Jalandhar, Panjab (January 2023)

We were referred a case from Singh-Kaur Cyclist group based in the UK to repair two complete bathrooms that needed urgent repairs. The building is a Gurdwara that houses blind people. The bathrooms needed new electrics, had severe damp on the walls and required new tiling. We sent our Panjab team there to inspect the property and began to do the repairs where needed. We successfully installed wall tiles, electrics, new toilets, baths and sinks. We painted the rooms and completed new flooring. Please look at the videos below for regular updates on ongoing works.

After works had been completed

Supporting Refugees from Afghanistan case (December 2022)

We were referred a case from Khalsa Aid to support refugees fleeing Afghanistan due to their lives being at risk of staying there. We visited an elderly couple at their accommodation and offered support of any essentials, advice and aid they require as they are currently residing in the UK. We provided them with basic essentials they needed such as clothes and shoes etc.

We are currently staying in contact with them and supporting them.

Supporting victims of human trafficking case in Muscat, Oman (October 2022 – present)

Earlier this year, we were alerted of human trafficking occurring in the city of Muscat located in Oman. The victims were Panjabi young females from poor families, who were looking for work to support themselves and their families. They were offered work from third party agencies who promised them wages and work abroad in Oman. They were falsely mislead and tricked into thinking they have jobs abroad. The agencies had arranged for their transport, to be sent to Oman and once they arrived at their destination, they were then forced into slavery. The two victims were sexually assaulted by individuals who informed them, they had been sold for forced labour and their sexual needs. They were trapped in buildings working overly long hours with lack of food & decent wages and basic living essentials.

We supported the victims with legal advice. This is an ongoing issue occurring in Oman, which we hope to help more victims as much as possible. We are still working on the case.

Repairing property for Panjabi family(June 2022)

We are currently fundraising for a property needing repair in the Tarn Tarn district. The family is in of emergency repairs, due to poor living conditions.

Our team in Panjab had made us aware of the new case and had informed us of the poor circumstances the family are in. Our team had interviewed them to find out about their circumstances and how they are coping.

The property lacks rooms, living space and basic kitchen and toilet facilities. The people that live in the houses are from a poor family so they lack the support, and funds to carry out the works themselves. As we have previously supported a family with a similar situation, we are hoping to fundraise through donations and put the funds towards the building costs of the two properties.

Update 2023

Treatment for sick dog(April 2022)

We are currently helping a dog which was found to be sick with worms inside and had an eye infection causing him to have poor eyesight. The team at Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid is paying for its treatment and will help with his recovery to be healthy again. We strongly condemn any form of animal abuse and will always have a good heart in providing care to animal cases we come across. It is our guru’s principles to respect all creatures of god and tackle any form of animal abuse.

We are pleased to have arranged treatment for the dog and he was given an injection to treat the worms that were causing him pain. He is being looked after by a local family.

Helping Drug addict recovery(April 2022)

In April we received word of a distressed family pleading for help in regards to their young son who is currently a drug addict. From what we know from his family, he was heavily influenced from the wrong crowds in his area which resulted in him taking drugs and not being able to stop.

He is currently seeking medical support and advice from a doctor who we are liaising with to support the young man. Updates to follow as to what sort of treatment he will need.

UPDATE APRIL 2022 to present
We are pleased to update on this case supporting a local in Panjab with recovery from drugs. He is now
feeling better and eating well and is requiring further support with medicine to fully aid him. He has started working and has moved out of the area staying away from drug addicts.

Family in need of Emergency House Repair (October 2021)

We are currently fundraising for emergency property repairs/refurbishment for a poor family in Panjab, India. The family’s current property has been damaged over the years and they have no kitchen or toilet facilities. Due to rainfall their property grounds have been vulnerable to flooding which they are then forced to seek shelter with neighbours.

We would hugely appreciate if anyone would like to contribute to this appeal, as we are desperately trying to help them by improving their living conditions. Please do so by donating and using the reference ‘Building case’ in the transfer.
The donations towards this will be 100% used to rebuild their house as necessary. Our team in Panjab has provided us with details on what work would need to be carried out and how long it will take. We will update as to when building work will start.

We are pleased to update on this case supporting a family with rebuilding their property. We had set up a GOFUNDME page over the past few months for members of the public to donate to help
towards this case. After our initial checks from our team in Panjab to evaluate the work involved, we have now begun the building work which took place on 9th February 2022. Updates to follow soon.

Update March 2022

Update May 2022

We have been closely monitoring the building works over the last few months and are pleased to say the work is nearly complete. The exterior is being worked upon and we are finishing up with doors, windows etc.

Mehal Singh – Medical Needs (October 2021)

Gurdev Singh – Medical Needs (September 2021)

Gurdev Singh (42) from Tarn Taran district, Panjab had suffered a serious leg injury affecting his mobility and causing him pain. His leg injury soon suffered with an infection which spread and he was at risk of amputation if he hadn’t received treatment in time.

Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid has helped towards his medical costs for Gurdev’s treatment. And he is now having on going treatment and will be having a skin graft surgery as part of his recovery.
Due to the nature of the surgery and Gurdev’s heart beat being slower than normal, there was a small chance a complication would occur with Gurdev so the doctors requested Gurdev to have a next of kin sign a document so they would not be responsible if complications occur with his health.

On Sunday 24th, October 2021 we had received a phone call from one of our colleagues in Panjab requesting us to sign this document regarding his skin graft surgery. We had advised him we cannot do so as we are not his family and to ask Gurdev’s next of kin. Gurdev reached out to his family and to our knowledge they had refused to sign the documents. Gurdev left the hospital without notifying us so therefore we are no longer supporting him in his case.

Balvinder Singh – Medical Needs (August 2021)

Balvinder Singh was involved in a motorcycle collision in Panjab, India. His legs were left in critical condition and needed emergency medical care to avoid further infections. He comes from a poor family and they were not able to afford payments for the treatment needed for Balvinder Singh, so he was refused medical treatment by the doctors as payment wasn’t made upfront. The family have been struggling to raise up the funds to meet the medical costs, therefore contacted Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid for support.

We have been supporting the family financially and morally raising funds and making sure it has been tracked and sent to the family and medical centre to treat Balvinder. His daughter reached out to our organisation through mutual sangat in Panjab with the below messages.

He is currently out of hospital recovering after having treatment for his leg infection. Balvinder had skin graft surgery which was successful. We are pleased to say he is in better health over the last few months.
We are pleased to provide an update on the case of Balvinder Singh’s leg injury. Due to donations from the sangat, Balvinder has been able to start treatment and his injury is already recovering. He will be having surgery soon for further treatment.

He is currently out of hospital recovering after having treatment for his leg infection. Balvinder had skin graft surgery which was successful. We are pleased to say he is in better health over the last few months.

Property Dispute – Abusive Tenants (August 2021)

The team at Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid were contacted by a landlady, to provide legal advice on a property dispute involving tenants refusing to leave the property, even when they had refused to pay rent monthly. The nature of the dispute was the landlady was living in one of her properties and she had rented the rooms out to another family, so it became a house share. Soon after, the landlady went to live with her daughter temporarily, but when she returned the tenants had changed the locks and disposed of her belongings outside. The Police were called and unfortunately they were not able to help her, as the tenants had said they are renting the whole property from her and the locks were changed.

This dispute had carried on for 6 years until we were made aware of this case. The landlady was going through depression as she was made homeless by the tenants. The tenants arrears totalled up to £39,000.00. We provided the landlady with legal advice on next steps on how to proceed to have them evicted. Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid had taken those tenants to court and on 16th, May 2022 the court ordered the tenants to be evicted from the property in 14 days. We are still in contact with the landlady to support the case further until they leave the property.

Illegal Marriage (Interfaith Anand Karaj – August 2021)

In the summer of 2021, we were contacted by an Indian citizen abroad living in Panjab. For data protection, names and locations will not be mentioned. He explained his current circumstances and reasons for contacting us regarding his wife, who now lives in the United Kingdom. We were requested by him if we could find out if his partner had married again to someone else in the UK, as he was told by mutual friends his partner had settled down with someone from a different faith. He was also distressed with the whereabouts of his child, as his partner had cut off communication with him soon after she gave birth to their child. He expressed concerns his child would be groomed into another faith.

She had originally travelled to the UK on a student visa whilst pregnant with her husband in Panjab. She was refused to continue her studies by the College, as she was heavily pregnant. Her plan was to find someone else to live in the UK and settle down with, even after her baby was born in the UK. From our research and his suspicions, we learnt that a Gurdwara in the UK had done their Anand Karaj, and we confirmed from our investigation that she had in fact married a Muslim man in the Gurdwara. We contacted the Gurdwara committee who told us that the marriage did take place with two Sikhs. However, we showed them evidence that he had a Muslim name and had disguised himself as a Sikh to have an Anand Karaj ceremony. We asked the committee if they had checked any identification documents, they did not. The Gurdwara didn’t take much interest in the matter and refused to cooperate.

Our next steps involved writing a letter on his behalf to the Home Office in the UK and the Britain High Commission in Delhi, India explaining the matter and of the illegal marriage taking place in the UK. She married the second time whilst still being married with her first husband. They are not divorced. The matter is still ongoing.

Domestic Violence Case – London, UK (July 2021)

In 2021, we had received a letter from a lady in the community asking for support on domestic violence abuse she was going through from her husband. She was living with her children and her husband who is an alcoholic. For many years, she was a victim to verbal abuse, violence and theft from her husband when he wanted money to buy alcohol.

We from Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid team gave her full support and visited her to see the details of the situation and how the husband is. As her husband was not cooperating with us on the situation, we supported her to escalate the situation to the authorities as also her children were at risk. Over the next few months we had provided her with shelter whilst she was in contact with authorities regarding her situation and we helped liaise with the social services. We are pleased to see her situation is improving and will always support people suffering in domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence Case – London, UK (March 2021)

Throughout 2021/22, we had received a case from a friend in the UK regarding a Hindu British Lady requiring legal support for an ongoing case between her and her ex husband. She is from the Hindu faith and had married a Muslim man years back. She had children with him and she had changed her name to have an Islamic marriage with him. She was married for many years until the husband had kicked her out the property, as they saw her as a non-believer in the Islamic faith. The husband wanted to marry another woman in the Islamic faith, but she had refused, therefore they had thrown her out of the property. She had become homeless and was living with a friend since then, as she is currently fighting a legal dispute for her share of the properties.

We at Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid have been supporting her with legal advice throughout 2021/22, and have been setting up her legal paperwork required for her case. The case is ongoing.

Supporting Sandeep Singh – Victim of Road Traffic Collision (November 2020)

Sandeep Singh in intensive care – December 2020
‘Sandeep Singh was the victim of a road traffic collision that occurred in Hounslow, London late last year in November 2020. He suffered with a severe brain injury from the incident and had been taken into intensive care at a nearby Hospital. He has been and remains in an unconscious state unable to speak, move, eat and acknowledge anyone.

We at Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid have been acting as first respondents for Sandeep on behalf of his family to liaise with the various Doctors looking after Sandeep’s care. We put out a witness appeal to the public at the time of the incident to come forward if there were any witnesses, so we can hear the full story of what happened.

Sandeep Singh is an international student. He had only arrived in the UK from India just a couple months before his ordeal in hopes of studying a Business Degree at University to better his career and circumstances of a good education. He has been described by his friends and family as a bright young man, smart and very friendly to others in the community. His hobbies back home in India included playing Cricket, listening to Panjabi Music and reciting Gurbani Prayers/Hymns.’

As we continue to monitor Sandeep’s condition and support his parents, Sandeep unfortunately remains in the same critical condition and is currently still in care of medical professionals.
UPDATE March 2022
We regret to inform the community that on March 24th 2022, Sandeep Singh passed away shortly after having an infection. He was in a critical condition over the few days he was infected, as doctors did their best to treat him. He passed away with his parents by his side. The team at Bhai Kanhaiya Humanitarian Aid went to visit Sandeep Singh and his parents the same night he passed away, to start the next procedures of having his body collected.

We are currently liaising with the family and funeral parlour staff as to organise his funeral which will take place on 13th April in West London.
We took on Sandeep’s case back in November of 2020 as it touched our hearts hearing his story of the road traffic collision and the condition he has been suffering with ever since. Sandeep was an international student who was studying in West London in hopes of a better education and lifestyle for his family. He was described by friends and family as bright young man, smart and very friendly to others in the community. His hobbies back home in India included playing Cricket, listening to Panjabi Music and reciting Gurbani Prayers/Hymns. Sandeep Singh remains in our prayers and we offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends that were close to him.